Frequently Asked Questions about a Natural Cemetery Eco Burial

How do I arrange a funeral at Ketton Park Green Burial?

We work closely with Funeral Directors to ensure that the needs and wishes of the deceased, family and friends are met. Funeral Directors liaise direct with us to organise your funeral on your behalf, although you are welcome to telephone our office if you have any further questions.

Can people be buried next to each other?

Yes, adjacent plots can be purchased, although we recommend this is done at the same time as availability at a later date cannot be guaranteed.

Can I purchase a tree?

Yes, a commemorative tree can be planted at the appropriate time of year from a selection which includes Ash, Maple, Fir, Lime, Hornbeam, Silverbirch, Cherry and Beech. The trees are not planted on graves, they are planted in copses around the burial ground.

How will I know which tree is mine?

An engraved tree plaque will be inserted into the ground at the base of your tree.

Can I buy a plot before I die?

Yes, to secure a particular position now for use in the future you can pre-book a plot. An increasing number of people are organising their own burial arrangements. This has several benefits, it allows you to determine the nature of the funeral and burial you would like and removes the burden of the decision from your family at a very difficult time.

Can flowers be left on the grave?

Yes. Cut flowers only may be laid on the grave, with ribbons and cellophone removed. Once flowers start to deteriorate staff will remove them. Funeral tributes may be put on a grave removed from their wrappers and stay there until they become unsightly, then they will be removed.

Can ashes be buried loose or do they have to be in an urn?

Ashes can be buried loose or in an urn.

Can ashes be scattered?

Yes, in the mature spinney of trees towards the bottom of Ketton Park. You can choose to mark the area with a granite remembrance plaque if required.

How does Ketton Park compare with other green burial sites?

Ketton Park is a natural cemetery in a meadow with a picturesque south facing setting. We take pride in our meadow and highly trained staff who provide a first class service. We work closely with Funeral Directors, so that the deceased, their families and friends receive the very best attention at all stages of what can be a sad and difficult process.

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