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Most of us, at some time in our lives, have to cope with the death of a loved one. The choice of a final resting place can be an important and difficult decision.

Ketton Park offers a natural alternative to traditional graveyard or crematorium burials and provides a peaceful final resting place in a manner friendly towards nature, wildlife and the environment.

Set in the picturesque County of Rutland, the south facing burial ground is sheltered by a spinney and hedges. The land gently slopes down the valley to the River Chater. This gives a serene final resting place for loved ones.

At Ketton Park we plant a tree of remembrance within designated copses leaving the actual site of burials to nature as a meadow. The copses together with the meadowland provide the natural habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife. A traditional wild flower meadow has been planted along with scattered spinneys of trees native to the area. A Green Burial needs no maintenance from family or friends to secure an everlasting dignified field of rest.

Ketton Park offers plots for burial and the interment or scattering of ashes. Plots can be purchased in advance, as part of funeral planning or by the bereaved at the time of need. Please note that each grave space is for a single burial only and are allocated by Ketton Park Green Burial.

A Funeral Director can make the usual arrangements in a personal and professional manner with the family. All coffin types are permitted although the use of wicker, cardboard or chipboard coffins are encouraged as ways of reducing pollution.

If interment or scattering of ashes are required the services of a Funeral Director will not be necessary.


Trees and Wild Flowers

A commemorative tree can be planted at the appropriate time of year from a selection which will include Ash, Maple, Fir, Lime, Hornbeam, Silverbirch, Cherry and Beech. A tree remembrance plaque will be inserted into the ground at the base of your tree. The areas around the trees are left uncut to promote wildlife just being cut once a year to encourage wild flowers. Pathways and current interment areas will be cut regularly during the year. Only plants that would normally grow in the park can be planted on top of graves i.e. Cowslip, Wild Primrose, Snowdrop etc.



The position of graves will be marked with an engraved granite remembrance plaque set at ground level and recorded on a plan to allow for location in the future.


Cremated Remains

Cremated remains may be scattered in the designated area of the burial ground, although no record will be kept of the exact location. If it were requested that the remains be buried in a casket it would be necessary to purchase a space in the allotted area, which will be managed as a conventional burial.

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